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Tascalate JavaFlow continuations library version 2.0 is released. Now it’s published to the Maven Central Repository, so no need to build it from GitHub sources any longer. Plus, additional binary resources are uploaded to the GitHub release page:

  • Ant project templates (1 and 2) with all necessary libraries and sample build.xml
  • Command-line JAR rewrite tool
  • Java Agent to instrument classes at run-time (during class-loading) – javaflow.instrument-continuations.jar — a MUST-have if continuable code is invoked within Java 8 lambdas and a real time-saver if you are debugging continuable code from an IDE *
  • Java Agent to instrument proxies of popular CDI containers (JBoss Weld and Apache OpenWebBeans) – javaflow.instrument-cdi-proxy.jar – to correctly support continuable methods in CDI managed beans

Additional information may be found on the project’s front-page on GitHub

*In several next posts I will elaborate more about continuations with Java 8 lambdas

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